Tin Free Steel (TFS)

Tin Free Coils & Sheet

Tin Free Steel (TFS) is an electrolytic chrome plated steel consisting of a thin layer of chromium and a layer of chromium oxide deposited on the steel base which gives it a beautiful, lustrous metallic finish on both sides. TFS offers outstanding corrosion resistance, lacquer adhesion as well as printability. No wonder it’s an economical and high quality replacement for Tinplate (ETP), especially for the screw and crown cap market.

Jove Steels Pvt. Ltd. has a tie up with the regular suppliers of Tin Free Steel (TFS) from across the world. We cater to the monthly requirements of manufacturers of Draw Redraw two-piece cans, seamed cans and manufacturers of components that do not have to be welded, such as ends, lids, twist-off caps and aerosol bottoms and tops.