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Tinplates (ETP) Tinplates (ETP)

Jove Steels Pvt. Ltd. is backed by a dedicated team and professionals who have vast experience in procurement and selling of Tin Mill Products. Tinplate (ETP) is a thin steel sheet … Read more

Tin Free Steel (TFS) 2 Tin Free Steel (TFS)

Tin Free Steel (TFS) is an electrolytic chrome plated steel consisting of a thin layer of chromium and a layer of chromium oxide deposited on the steel base which gives it … Read more

Cold Rolled Steel (CR) Cold Rolled Steel (CR)

Cold rolled steel is a ‘flat’ steel product. The material is manufactured from hot rolled steel, the thickness of which is further reduced on a strip mill without the use … Read more

Galvanized Steel Galvanized Steel

Galvanized Steel is obtained by passing cold rolled coil through a molten zinc bath, in order to coat the steel with a thin layer of zinc to provide corrosion resistance … Read more

Prepainted Steel Prepainted Steel

Pre-painted Galvanized steel refers that after the surface pretreatment of base plate, covering one layer or two layers organic coating on the surface with the method of continuous roller coating … Read more

Heavy Melting Scrap 2 Heavy Melting Scrap

Heavy melting Scrap (HMS) is basically recyclable steel and wrought iron. It is broken up into two major categories: HMS 1 and HMS 2. The difference between the two is … Read more